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Our New Mini Cones are bite-size and require no rack or cooking sleeve!


Experience the tempting BBQ Pulled Pork Cone, filled with succulent pulled pork bathed in a zesty barbecue sauce, a hint of tangy hot sauce, and gooey cheese. Chank's provides portable, stress-free snacking with handcrafted dough and fresh ingredients, ensuring a delicious and easy-to-enjoy delight. Relish the mouthwatering flavors of this grab-and-go sensation!


**Due to shipping costs there is a minimum of (4) 8-Packs per order & a maximum of (12) 8-Packs per order! If you place an order with more than (12) 8-Packs your order will be CANCELED** (Unless your order is for pickup)

Mini BBQ Pulled Pork Snack Cones – (8-Pack)

  • NOTES:

    • Cones will be delivered over dry ice
    • Please note cones are not in a box.
    • Cones are bagged and securely sealed
    • Cooking instructions card is provided 
    • Each cone weighs 1.4 ounces.
    • Cooking options: "Oven" or "Air Fryer."
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